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Founded in 2014 by a farmer that had already been certified organic since the 1990s, USA-Natural gives good-enough assurance that you are getting a product produced the right way. USA-Natural products only use natural, organic fertilizers. No GMO seeds or any other GMO products may be used. When possible, these products are only irrigated with chlorine-free water. If as a last resort any pesticides must be applied, only organic-approved, non-persistent, biodegradable pesticides may be used. Employees must be paid a living wage. USA-Natural farms sign an annual agreement to abide by these principles. These farms must be within the United States. The farms are interviewed each year to verify they understand and uphold the USA-Natural standards.
Why not just be certified organic?
Organic certification is a great thing and we encourage farms to pursue it when feasible. Organic isn’t a perfect standard. Big agribusiness tries every year to dilute the standard. There is no requirement to pay farm workers a living wage. An entire industry has sprung up of inspectors, certifiers, and government agencies, all ultimately paid for by the farmers at great expense. For the small producer, the costs, time, and paperwork involved in organic certification can be overly burdensome. USA-Natural might be a good fit for farms that align with its standards.
How can my farm join the USA-Natural program?
If you are a small family farm in alignment with USA-Natural principles, you may be eligible to apply to become a USA-Natural approved farm. Send us an email using the contact form on this website. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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